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About us

We help you to build efficient work teams with the help of research data, insight and participative development.

Promenade Insight henkilöstö

Promenade Insight Oy started as an independent research company in October 2021. However, our roots reach already back to the turn of the millennium when Promenade Research was founded. We have over 20 years of experience in employee surveys, customer research and 360 appraisals both in Finland and in international companies. We are a team of eight research and development professionals.

​We put special emphasis on the effective implementation of research results. We train the supervisors to have inspiring and solution-focused result discussions with the own team. Our appraised training offers supervisors pragmatic tools and tips for leading development work.


Developing work and leadership together with the client’s team is a solid part of the research process. We develop work processes together with teams and coach supervisors in leading change and efficient implementation. We provide 360 review workshops for supervisors and train the HR to conduct workshops independently.


Our values are openness, empathy and passion. Our mission is to provide inspiring data-based insight and actions to our clients so that everyone can succeed in improving employee and customer experience together with the employees.


We look forward to our collaboration – let’s discuss more soon!


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