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Customer experience

Developing a customer-focused organization culture starts with research. By measuring the current state of customer focus in your organization, you get a clear roadmap for developing customer experience together with the employees. By combining data collected from the employees with customer experience data, you create an overwhelming competitive advantage. 

Asiakastutkimus mittaa asiakaskokemusta luotettavasti.

Customer-focused organization culture

Do you want to increase your organization's customer understanding and build a truly customer-focused organization culture? We measure customer experience culture within your organization and study customer experience with surveys, interviews and focus groups.

Customer data alone often provides an insufficient understanding of customer experience.

By studying customer experience with your employees, you unfold the silent knowledge of customer experience and strengthen the meaningfulness of work.

After the research, we involve the employees in the development of customer experience in workshops.


We also conduct various member and stakeholder surveys, which you can use to develop your network's operations. 

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