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Our approach

We have Promenade Insight has 25 years of experience in employee surveys, customer surveys, 360 reviews and development of leadership and teams. Our roots are in a research company called Promenade Research, which was founded in 1998. 


Over the years, we have been part of a larger company and we have operated as an independent insight and development agency from November 2021.

We have carried out countless employee surveys, 360 reviews and customer surveys for our clients and helped develop leadership and teams based on data and insight.

When we started as an independent insight and development agency back in 2021, we stopped to think deeply about our mission and approach.

  • How could we help our client companies to improve working culture and leadership in a way that promotes organization's strategy and employee well-being?

  • How can we make employee, customer and leadership studies influential and bring organizational actors together for a shared mission?

  • How can we use data and insight to find factors that have the greatest impact on development?

As a research agency, we wanted to base our framework on solid theory and our extensive research data on Finnish working life.

EFEKTI™ – framework for employee survey and development

The EFEKTI™ framework is both a model for employee research and a development concept . The EFEKTI™ framework includes five areas of a successful work community: inspiring work, smooth teamwork, learning work culture, inclusive management and reliable employer.

The EFEKTI™ employee survey measures these five areas in a concrete way and at the same time gives a target for the desired, modern company culture. Many of our clients have also found new cornerstones for their own organization culture in our framework.

The EFEKTI™ employee survey includes a unique angle ​of customer experience - the employees' own assessment of how they see the conditions for excellent customer experience as part of the organization culture.

Execution capability as a lever for team success

During our reform work, we familiarized ourselves to Ria Parppei's (2018) model of execution capability. We found that execution capability is the missing component in several company operations.

No matter how motivated the individuals are, without the prerequisites for execution capability, the change implementation in teams will be half-way. Working life trends also began to emphasize teamwork as an ingredient of organizational success instead of individual orientation.

We built EFEKTI™ employee survey, a reliable and practical measure of execution capability containing 12 statements. The execution capability index clearly illustrates the current state of execution of the entire organization, functions and teams.


Both our clients and ourselves really got excited about measuring and developing execution capability. Many organizations want to strengthen team agency and coaching leadership. We concluded that we can help with this with our research concept.

Genuinely impactful research

The execution capability model is an answer to to why the utilization of employee and customer surveys is so often left half-way. The lack of research utilization seemed to be the weakness of the entire research field. For us, it did not make sense why companies carry out studies every year for millions of euros without proper ROI.

EFEKTI™ concept allows us to ensure that our clients get even more concrete benefits from the studies.

Comprehensible and practical research content makes interpreting the results effortless. Insightful analysis of the results, workshops and leadership coaching speed up development and help to focus on the essential.

In addition to execution capability, we provide our customers with a big-picture of organization performance. The efficiency matrix illustrates the current state of the efficiency and models the key factors that have the greatest impact on performance. 

Henkilöstötutkimus tuottaa analyysin henkilöstön tuloksellisuuden nykytilasta avaintekijöineen..

We also tailor the employee survey content to measure unique organizational elements such as values, leadership principles, sustainability and DEI themes.

In the executive analysis, we use statistical methods to find the key factors of employee and customer experience, making it possible to credibly find the most important development drivers from the data.

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