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We are your partner in various needs of data-based development relating to employee experience, customer experience and leadership. With the help of employee survey, customer studies and 360 reviews, you develop efficient and healthy work teams an impactful and inspiring way. After the research, we train supervisors to utilize the results and help to put development plans into practice. 

Research and coaching

Vahvuusajattelu, osallistavat menetelmät ja Suomen parhaat tutkimuskäytännöt tarjoavat vankan pohjan kehitystyöhösi. Vuoden 2023 asiakasprojektiemme NPS oli 93, joten kanssamme saat varmasti vastinetta arvokkaalle investoinnillesi!


Employee survey

Measure employee experience and teamwork with the EFEKTI™ employee survey.

Tee henkilöstötutkimus ja asiakastutkimus yhdessä

Customer research

Gain customer insight, collect real-time feedback and ensure customer focus throughout the organization.


360 review

Develop supervisory work and leadership culture and improve feedback culture at the workplace.


Coaching and development

Ensure the transfer of data and insight into practice and enable culture of growth.

We help you with all your data needs

We carry out employee surveys, leadership reviews and customer studies for your various needs. We provide your with clear reports, insightful analyses and practical development tools. We promise that you always get a full value for your valuable research investment!


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