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Leadership and
supervisory work

Our 360 review framework includes all elements of modern leadership. Many of our customers have found their own leadership principles from our framework, but we also tailor the 360 survey content to promote your organization's unique leadership cornerstones. We also provide you with impactful group and individual coaching to put your feedback into practice.

Our 360 review provides excellent support for the following situations:

  • Leadership culture appraisal: strengths and development areas

  • Development of leadership skills

  • Strengthening the feedback culture of the organization

  • Reforming the leadership culture

  • Onboarding of new supervisors

  • Career paths and talent management

360-arviointi vahvistaa johtamiskulttuuria.

Elements of 360 reviews


Context appraisal

The context and environment of supervisory work can vary significantly even within the same organization.

In the 360 reviews, we take into account the contextual nature of lewadership. As part of the 360, the supervisor appraises how they see the context of leadership. This gives a deep understanding of

how different environments and situations affect success in leadership.


Impact assessment

Impact assessment is an essential part of our 360 process. After the 360 evaluation, the supervisor evaluates whether they have made progress with their own development areas, what has promoted or hindered development and what kind of support they would need for their own development. In this way, supervisors can have personal support and the 360 gives the best possible value for the organization!


Learning from the best supervisors

Strength-based thinking is a central part of everything we do. Our analysis of the best supervisors tells us what characterizes the supervisors who received the best feedback and what separates them from the rest. This way the whole organization can learn and strengths are strengthened. The analysis helps to utilize leadership strengths throughout the organization.

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