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We help to build efficient work teams with insight and development

Excellent employee experience and customer experience are born from efficient and healthy work teams. Our unique EFEKTI™ employee survey gives you a clear understanding of the teams' current situation and concrete steps for development. As a result, you gain a productive and enthusiastic work community, modern leadership culture and superior customer experience!

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Our services

We are your research and development partner with over 20 years of experience. We offer solutions for a wide range of information and development needs.

EFEKTI-henkilöstötutkimus mittaa tiimityötä, johtamista ja yrityskulttuuria.

Employee surveys

Improve employee experience and team efficiency impactfully with the EFEKTI™ employee survey. Insightful analysis and team-specific action recommendations give your organization clear steps towards development. With pulse surveys you monitor development and action implementation.


Our EFEKTI™ framework is based on solid research and our more than 20 years of experience in employee surveys. 


With the help of 360-review, you develop your organization's leadership culture and help your supervisors to become even better at their jobs. Our framework for 360-reviews consists of elements of modern leadership, which you can also use in designing your organization's leadership principles. After the review, we facilitate result workshops for supervisors or train the HR to facilitate workshops themselves. From us, you can also get customized 360-reviews to support your organization's unique leadership principles.

360-arviointi täydentää henkilöstötutkimusta.
Yhdistä henkilöstötutkimus ja asiakastutkimus tehokkaasti.

Customer research

Enhance customer insight throughout your organization and build a truly customer-focused culture with customer research. Unfold the current state of customer focus in your teams by measuring organization culture, measure customer experience with a survey and gain in-depth customer insight through interviews or focus group study. Raise customer experience to a new level with the help of data-based information, together with the employees!

Coaching and development

The execution ability of teams defines the organization's success! With you, we build an impactful roadmap for development and strengthen the execution ability of your work teams. We involve the employees in the transformation and help to shape modern values and leadership principles for your organization. Our acclaimed and practical utilization training and Action tool helps supervisors and teams to put the research results into practice. 

Henkilöstötutkimuksen hyödyntäminen

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